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With more than 15 years in the business PointHR has become a leading provider of consulting, outsourcing, and screening services. Together, our employees serve approximately 5,000 clients in every U.S. state. Because of the strategic collaboration between our divisions, PointHR's employee selection business is able to leverage the expertise and resources of the entire organization when providing our HR services.
We are a knowledgeable and dedicated team of HR specialists and people experienced in the fields of employee background screening and HR compliance. We provide expert human resource and screening services, allowing companies to free themselves of the time-consuming and expensive burden of performing human resource functions that divert attention away from their core business.
We provide a comprehensive package of quality human resource services, employment background screening, and compliance services that help client companies attract and retain high-caliber employees and give them a competitive edge.
The PointHR family of companies, which are comprised of separate and distinct operating companies, work together for the benefit of our clients. The PointHR family is Court Check, an employment background screening company; Drug Negative, a drug free workplace testing company; Work Confirm, an automated inbound employment verification company; and I9Review, an immigration compliance auditing firm.
PointHR was founded in 2002 and has emerged as a top HR services outsource. The PointHR management team has committed, from the very beginning, to deliver high-quality service to every client. The company is privately owned and takes great pride in its ability to meet the individual needs of each client.
Specializing in maximizing your human capital investment, PointHR.com is the perfect landing point critical to the strategic mission of your busy Human Resources department. Our BEST Solution provides companies a single integrated point to blend the major onboarding tasks and greatly increases time spent on employee relationships. Our specialties and related sites are accessed from one cohesive point- PointHR.com